Volunteer at Filmstock

Be involved, make friends, earn connections


Are you interested in being a part of what goes on behind the screen? Do you want to have input into every aspect of our festival and programming? Do you want to meet dozens of filmmakers and industry professionals and develop connections that will last you a lifetime?

Then look no further! Filmstock is currently taking applications for volunteers for our 2016 programming, as well as marketing, web, and filmmaker-relations aspects of our organization.

We need help in the following categories:

  • Film Screener - watch Filmstock submissions and help us program our 2014 lineup!
  • Marketing Coordinator - assist your Filmstock Organizer with marketing strategy and execution
  • Social Media Intern- be part of the Filmstock Social Media voice and help connect our filmmakers with their audience through the web!
  • Filmmaker Liaison - develop 1-on-1 relationships with Filmstock Official Selection filmmakers, coordinate delivery of their films and marketing materials, and help them feel at home throughout their festival experience.
  • Volunteer Coordinator - assist your Filmstock Organizer with event strategy and execution by recruiting additional staff, coordinating their efforts, and continuing Filmstock's legacy as one of the friendliest and most helpful film festivals in the country!
  • Ticketing- One of the most important jobs of the festival - help get people through the door by selling and checking tickets!
  • General Event Staff - there's plenty to do during a festival event. If you want to show up for all of the glory without having to go to all those behind-the-scenes meetings, we'll find something for you to do!
  • Technical Event Staff - can you fix any A/V problem with nothing more than a paper clip and a stick of gum? We always need a knowledgeable person on-deck to help set up the audio-visual experience and work out any gremlins quickly, as well as execute on technical queues such as intermissions and stage entries and exist.