Filmstock Social, formerly known as Rebel Filmmaker, is a meetup group dedicated to anyone who has ever dreamed of turning a premise into a production. Filmstock Social is currently only available in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

We are Technical people, creative people, screenwriters, directors, actors, production designers, voice artists, producers, etc. We are Filmstock Social. Let's make a movie!

Filmstock Social is a meetup group that connects local film community members with each other. The more people meet to exchange ideas, needs and resources, the more things get done, and the more films get made. 

Filmstock Social is also a great way to stay in touch with what's newest and hottest in the film community, both on a local level, and on the larger national and international platform. 

Connect with us in person, and discover what the noise is all about!

Filmstock Social was previously known as Rebel Filmmaker. Ryan Pierson, one of the founders of Rebel and of Filmstock, is still an organizer of events and leader in the film community.