So Many Films!

Every year, we're really encouraged and honored to be a growing film festival. Our first year breaking 200 submissions was a big and exciting year for us. Then, in 2014, we were astounded when we discovered that we had jumped to over 1,100 submissions. 

In 2015, we took the Four Corners circuit on a hiatus, and expected a lower submission count. 


In 2015, we closed our season just under 2,700 submission. 


Needless to say, we were not anticipating this kind of volume, and were not staffed appropriately! That being the case, we're trying as hard as we can, but will have to push back our notification date of October 15th to the end of the month (October 31st). Official selections will be announced on or before this time. 

This is a decision we feel we have to make in order to ensure that the films that were submitted have a proper chance to be in the festival itself. It's not a decision we'd like to make, but it's one we'll have to make in order to ensure fairness to our submitters, and the best festival possible for our audience. 

If you have any questions, as always feel free to e-mail us with questions, comments or concerns at --- and as always, Peace, Love and Movies!