Filmstock Utah Official Selections Announced!


New Films to Showcase at Filmstock Utah!

Another hard weekend of arguing, fighting and debating which films would make it into the Official Selection slots of our next Filmstock event - this time, Filmstock Utah! We're very excited about this event, which will be held at two different locations! November 6th & 7th at the Post Theatre, and November 8th at the Broadway Center Cinemas! 

Please join us in welcoming these incredible short films into the Filmstock official selection family! 

A Little Scar
For Clearer Skies
Ladie's Man
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution
Sign Heist
Steve from Account Vs.
The Routine
The Window

Congratulations to these short films! More about these movies and their filmmakers will be up on our website soon, so stay tuned for more details!