Filmstock Expands

At Filmstock, we’re proud about how far we’ll go to get our short filmmakers an audience. After countless phone calls, theater arrangements and military-like logistics, and months of planning, 2014 will surely be our biggest year yet! We are excited to announce FILMSTOCK 50!!! We will have a Filmstock event in each of the 50 states!

Look for more details to come very soon, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for the dates in yours and neighboring states, and get ready for Filmstock to become not only the biggest short film festival in the Southwest, but in the entire country!


Filmstock Virginia – August 4th

Filmstock Maine – August 8th

Filmstock Oregon – August 9th

Filmstock Rhode Island – August 15th-16th

Filmstock California – August 16th

Filmstock South Carolina – August 22nd

Filmstock Iowa – August 22nd – 24th

Filmstock Montana – August 22nd – 24th

Filmstock Massachusetts – August 22nd – 24th

Filmstock Colorado – August 23rd

Filmstock Georgia - August 30th

Filmstock North Carolina - August 30th

Filmstock Connecticut – August 30th



Filmstock Vermont – September 5th - 7th

Filmstock Pennsylvania – September 5th - 10th

Filmstock New Mexico – September 5th & 6th

Filmstock Ohio – September 13th

Filmstock Louisiana – September 13th

Filmstock Minnesota – September 20th

Filmstock New Jersey – September 20th

Filmstock Alaska – September 20th

Filmstock Idaho – September 20th

Filmstock Tennessee – September 20th

Filmstock Michigan - September 25th – 27th

Filmstock Delaware – September 25th

Filmstock Nebraska – September 27th

Filmstock South Dakota – September 27th



Filmstock North Dakota – October 9th

Filmstock Washington – October 9th – 11th

Filmstock Alabama  -  October 10th & 11th

Filmstock Florida – October 16th

Filmstock Illinois - October 17th

Filmstock Missouri - October 18th

Filmstock Indiana - October 29th

Filmstock New York – October 29th – November 1st

Filmstock Maryland - October 30th & 31st



Filmstock Arkansas – November 7th & 8th

Filmstock Texas - November 7th

Filmstock Wyoming – November 9th

Filmstock Kentucky – November 14th

Filmstock Oklahoma – November 13th

Filmstock Nevada – November 15th

Filmstock New Hampshire – November 17th

Filmstock Kansas – November 20th & 21st

Filmstock Mississippi – November 22nd

Filmstock West Virginia – November 25th

Filmstock Utah – November 27th – 29th

Filmstock Hawaii – November 27th-29th

Filmstock Wisconsin – November 26th



Filmstock Arizona – December 4th – 7th

The year will culminate in a Gala event at the Four Corners monument by Farmington, New Mexico, dates TBD. Subscribe to our e-mail list, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch and learn more!