Filmstock Social to Replace Rebel Filmmaker


Important Update – Rebel Filmmaker AZ will transition into Filmstock Social

It’s the same meetup group, with a new name and new mission! If you were a Rebel Filmmaker, you’re now automatically a member of Filmstock Social

Why are we making this transition?
There’s long been confusion distinguishing Rebel Filmmaker and Filmstock, and for good reason: the founders of Rebel were also the founders of Filmstock! We will provide even better meetups than we’ve been able to do as Rebel in the past. Here’s some of the things we’re looking to bring to you as Filmstock Social:

    • Less e-mails, more meetings!
      You can expect to see less e-mails from us, and when you do see them, we promise to make them relevant to a meeting, special offer, community or local film news announcement, or opportunities to get involved in the community.
    • At least 12 FREE mixer meetings in 2014!
      We were built on the Arizona film community’s ability to collaborate and work together to build amazing films, parties and festivals. We plan to continue to do this through more free meetings.
    • You will not be solicited at a Filmstock Social meetup event.
      Money cannot change hands at a free Filmstock Social meetup. This doesn’t mean things can’t be promoted, services be discussed or deals made through networking, but Filmstock Social will be a safe environment for the exchange of ideas, project-building and collaboration.
    • News about the local film industry at every meetup!
      At each meetup, we will work hard to bring you some of the most current headlines about upcoming events, issues, and happenings regarding Arizona and southwest filmmaking. Coming to a meetup will help keep you current and part of the Arizona independent film conversation.

At the end of the day, we want you to have the ability, opportunity and the right connecitons to make more amazing films.

How can I get involved?
Filmstock Social is simple. Find us on meetup, and if you’re not already a member of the meetup, go to and RSVP to our next meeting! We will be meeting on February 16th at 2pm in Tempe! Mark your calendars, and I look forward to seeing you there!


James A Lee

Director, Filmstock Film Festival