The Darker Side of Shorts

This block is hosted by actor, model and multi-talented Windy West.

This block is hosted by actor, model and multi-talented Windy West.

Explore the darker side of cinema with these 7 short films. Experience gut-wrenching moments, along with tongue-in-cheek gallows humor!



by Cristian Sulser

Scrabble® adresses the secret desire to break out of the routine of a loveless relationship and illuminates with irony the depths of humanity behind a traditional façade – using a simple board game.

The Routine

by Brian Groh

Capturing the unsettling essence of a Twilight Zone episode and the sci-fi tone of a Ray Bradbury story, this reflective short film casts a bleak look at how technology can backfire at bringing us closer together, unintentionally creating more isolation and loneliness than ever before, sometimes leading to harrowing and tragic results.

For Clearer Skies

by Alfredo Salvatore Arcilesi

A man struggles to decide whether or not to pursue survival as his race nears extinction.

Red Stains

by Magdalena Lautrisch

Tommi wants to shoot. While he walks into the woods to practise with his fathers gun he just can’t get rid of his annoying little brother Simon who is also deeply fascinated by the weapon. But their naive games turn deadly serious and bit by bit events are overturning.

Belly of the Whale

by Kyle Gerkin

A tale of discovering corruption in the hearts of those you least suspect.

UneBalade Screenshot1.jpg

The Only Man

by Jos Man

The story chronicles the last days of a man, victim of an epidemic that has turned mankind into degenerate beings void of consciousness; trying to keep his sanity he fights alone against the disease. Though strong in his will to overcome it, he will fall victim before he is aware of it.

Mr. Bear

by Andres Rosende

This Christmas will cost him an arm and a leg... and maybe a few fingers.

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