Drama Salad

Our culminating short film event, Drama Salad gives you 5 of the best short film dramas that take place in the worlds of science fiction, across Atlantic waters, and into a WWII war camp. Don't miss some of our best short films yet in our final block of short films for Filmstock!



by Wade Jackson

Ten WW2 Russian soldiers accused of cowardice are forced to choose one among them who will be executed by the other nine.

Rab Da Vaasta

by Chakravarty Devulapalli

Must you kill in order to live...? When a no typical customer walks in and demands a shave, a small time barber with a traumatic past deliberates and faces an epiphany of sorts. 

Final Stroke

by Anne Chlosta

Arne discovers his recently deceased brother`s best-kept secret: He was a pedophile. Unable to deal with the situation, Arne hides his discovery from his family. This seems to work out just fine, until Arne comes face to face with one of his brother`s victims.

Tu & Eu

by Edward Shieh

A phone conversation puts several love affairs around the world at a critical impasse.


by Andy Fortenbacher

While awaiting her father's return from the WW2 front lines, a 9-year-old girl helps the disfigured town outcast secretly nurture a rare breed of moths.

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