12/5 - 3PM - Documentary Shorts

approx. 75mins
These short documentary films will show you new, fresh perspectives on life, while introducing you to unforgettable characters from around the world! 


JinxyJenkins Screenshoot2.jpg

Chris Bianco: I Used to Say Never

by Brandon Barnard

Meet Chris Bianco, a Phoenix chef and restauranteur renowned for his artisanal pizza and culinary craft. 


by Andrew Baird, Savannah Carpenter, and Zane Critch

An aging blacksmith attempts to bring his craft into the 21st century despite being in the midst of the recession and the growing popularity of mass manufactured goods.

Letters to The City Yet to Come

by Gorav Kalyan

Shot in the weeks following the deadly gang-rape of a young woman, "Letters to the City Yet to Come" provokes reflection on the past, present and future of New Delhi, India. The film is a city symphony composed of three letters written in three languages (Hindi, Urdu and English) by an artist, an academic and an activist. Each letter is intimately addressed to a loved one in the future, describing the city as it is today, as it might become tomorrow.

AStageForSize - Screenshot.jpg

A Stage for Size

by Corina Maritescu

A short doc showcasing the fabulous women bringing the Fat Acceptance movement to L.A. through cabaret and burlesque, one shimmy at a time.

TheCall - Screenshot.jpg

New Mo' Cut

by Siciliana Trevino

New Mo Cut is an uncanny story, a Berkeley fairytale about usedbooks, found footage and zero waste.

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