12/5 - 1PM - Animated Shorts

approx. 75mins

These thirteen incredibly unique (and very short) short films explore a wide variety of subjects, themes, and characters--- all through the marvelous medium of animated film! Read the descriptions below to learn more! 


JinxyJenkins Screenshoot2.jpg

Digital Native

by Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki

The film humorously portrays a horrifying vision. A woman creates a baby online and gets pregnant. As it turns out, it is not so easy to download a digital foetus. The films makes a statement about the over-technicized world where internet and technologies start to substitute basic life needs.

HerAndHubbub - Screenshot.png

Her and Hubbub

by Kyle Xuereb Cunningham

As she comes across a mysterious island, a young woman has to deal with a force beyond her control.


by Adam Roberts and Max Vickers-Price

Addicted to a substance known as 'eka' in a slum city dystopia where the drug grows and in turn has 'monstrous' consequences as the boy become completely consumed by his addiction.

TheCall - Screenshot.jpg


by Quentin Nigues & Thibault Barbaroux

In 1940, Dunkrik (France). Pierre will go across the streets of the city and the halls of his building to save his daughter.

Where Flowers Once Grew

by Gabrielle Ray

When it becomes clear Edith’s life has no more meaning, she must choose to stay in a stagnant source of comfort, or go into uncertainty.


by Kristen Pileri and Kate Coffey

A curious little dog finds magical glasses that permit him to see and spread color throughout the city of Paris.

Beyond Words

by Lucía Duclosson

Gabriel´s job requires him to respond to clients' complaints but in a world where words are physical, controlling them it´s not an easy task.

Candelaria Hot Dog

by Alexander Montoya

A little dog walks through the streets of "La Candelaria" until he finds a busker that might have something for him.

The Looking Planet

by Eric Law Anderson

During the construction of the universe, a young spacetime engineer breaks some fundamental laws in the name of self-expression

The Walker

by Heather Collins

A little old lady discovers an inventive way to cope with the fast-paced and less-than-kind world around her.

Grand Raspberetta - Screenshot.jpg

The Grand Raspberetta

by Ksenia Kane

An animated food operetta about a friendship between a jar of jam Geremio Marmelatto and a toast Pane Tostate di Catelli.



by Thomas Thoma

A riot policeman encounters a demented old woman who attempts to spoonfeed him from an empty pot

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