Animated Shorts

This block is hosted by Filmstock Actor's Liaison, Melissa Farley

This block is hosted by Filmstock Actor's Liaison, Melissa Farley

Check out Filmstock's first block of short films dedicated solely to the Animated genre! Get engaged by these 11 zany, unpredictable, funny, dark, horrifying and irreverent short films that are sure to have you talking throughout the rest of the festival!


The Prize Inside

by Reece Porter

An adventurous cereal box toy and his reluctant companion travel across a dangerous kitchen in search of treasure.


by Harris Wu

Cocodile, a 3D animated short directed by Wendi Wu (Harris) and Wenting Wu, follows a young creature and his comedic quest for love.

To Edgar

by Ewa Łuczków

Film „To Edgar” is a reference to the works and life of Edgar Allan Poe. It shows Poe's character, his struggle with the creative process and his inner demons. The plot contains elements of the crime novel, as well as the problem of dualism, so typical of his works. Original film technique strongly corresponds with the mood in the Poe’s texts.

Welcome to Fantasy Island

by Lena Greene

An island of bikini clad, saggy ladies spend their lives drinking martinis and drinking on the beach, until one day they run out of vodka.

The Pride of Strathmoor

by Einar Baldvin

Extracts from the journal of Pastor John Deitman, Strathmoor, Georgia. June & July, 1927

UneBalade Screenshot1.jpg

Une Balade a la Mer

by Damien Stein

A ride toward the sea is the odyssey of a small animated character who decides to go out to face the city and the nature to free his goldfish. But he confronts with the inconveniences of a totally hatched world that will reserve for him numerous surprises: every person, every element of the city which he will cross could be a danger.

Psuedo Evolution

by Alexandre Juruena

An irreverent and critical insight into the evolution of human kind through the development of the consumer society.

Really Bad Movie

by Jasin Sloan

See what happens when animation and classic b-movie cinema collide to form "Really Bad Movie!"


by Quentin Nigues

In 1940, Dunkrik (France). Pierre will go across the streets of the city and the halls of his building to save his daughter.

AstronomersSon Still1.jpg

The Astronomer's Sun

by Simon Cartwright and Jessica Cope

The Astronomer’s Sun: A stop-motion animation tale of Henry and his mechanical bear on a magical journey into the unknown. Winner of 16 international film festival Awards.

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

by Michael Bidinger & Michelle Kwon

When the chaotically misfortunate Jenkins and the monotonously lucky Lou run into each other one morning, they find a thrilling and fulfilling change of pace as they hurtle down the hills of San Francisco in an ice cream cart.

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