Arizona's 2013 Barry E Wallace Citizenship Award winner, Greg Bronson during the 2013 December awards ceremony. 

Arizona's 2013 Barry E Wallace Citizenship Award winner, Greg Bronson during the 2013 December awards ceremony. 

The Barry E. Wallace Citizenship Award honors the talented, passionate and self-sacrificial members of the local film community. In honor of Barry E. Wallace, whose untimely passing left a hole in many hearts, this award is intended to pass on his torch and recognize the monumental efforts of those in each of our communities who maintain a positive public reputation, a keen professionalism and a uplifting attitude toward their peers and their community.

In 2016, submissions for the Barry E Wallace Citizenship Award will be open through November 28th. 

2016 Changes to Barry E Wallace Award

Previously, the Barry E Wallace Award worked off of a combination of voting, which produced five final nominees, and then quality of nominations, which was judged by Ryan Pierson & other Filmstock leadership based on their quality. 

This year, we are eliminating the voting portion of the nomination entirely, and leaving the award open for nominations from any professional. 

The award will be based solely on our understanding of a given nominee, based on the written-in descriptions of his or her contributions to film, projects they've worked on, and their contributions to the film & local community at large. 

Nominate a professional who deserves some recognition for their contributions to filmmaking!


by Ryan Pierson, Filmstock Co-Founder


I’ll never forget the first time I met Barry Wallace. When Barry entered the room to audition for our first feature film, Jeremy Clayton (our writer/producer and my partner) and I both had our doubts. Not only was he smaller in stature than what the character called for, but his personality was in direct contrast as well.

It is an understatement to say that he did not disappoint.

What I learned from Barry over the course of the production wasn’t about lens types or lighting schemes, it was about respect, professionalism, and love of the craft. His earnestness to understand the character and my vision for it was so great and so focused that he elevated the production level of the shoot every time he stepped foot on set. Everyone could feel it. His focus made everyone on cast and crew want to do their best whenever sharing a scene with him or interacting with him behind the camera. Barry would absolutely throw himself into a scene and do whatever was needed to make it everything it could be. Despite not being compensated like an A-list movie star, he treated every project like he was.

He loved the entire process of being on set, interacting with cast and crew, and watching other craftsmen hone their skills. Through talking with him and hearing his many stories, we also came to realize the love and absolute heart he had for the film community. Watching people come together and collaborate to bring a film, play or television show to life brought out an almost child-like sense of wonder in him. Talking to him about film, its past and future, as well as our upcoming projects and the budding Arizona film community became something to look forward to daily.

We eventually finished the film and were in post-production when I received a call from Barry’s wife, informing me that Barry had unexpectedly passed away. Jeremy and I were heartbroken, as was the entire cast and crew. Barry would never get to see all of the hard work realized in front of an audience, as his commanding performance hit the big screen. We’ve always had Barry in mind, and speak of him often, whenever we create new film events and productions. What comes to my mind was his love for the craft of filmmaking and his desire for a united film community. Barry never spoke ill of his peers, but instead promoted projects and encouraged collaboration. He taught us much, and though he may not have known it, has influenced our ethics and our film-related practices to this day.

Faith Hibbs-Clark of Good Faith Casting receives the first Barry E Wallace Award at 2012 Filmstock Arizona.

Faith Hibbs-Clark of Good Faith Casting receives the first Barry E Wallace Award at 2012 Filmstock Arizona.

The Barry E. Wallace award has been created to honor and commemorate Barry, as well as to uphold in highest regard those positive, community-minded attributes that he himself held as paramount. Our hope is that this award will serve to recognize those in the film community that reflect the mindset and community-awareness that Barry also had, as well as to recognize and celebrate the positive collaboration, professionalism and hard work needed to move the Arizona (and any) film community forward.

Thanks for everything Barry, here’s to you!