12/6 - 7PM - Drama Salad

approx. 75mins

These seven films bring in a strong close to the 2015 Filmstock Film Festival. These touching, heartfelt and incredible short films from around the globe are sure to leave you stunned, touched and inspired to view the world, your life, and the characters in it, just a little bit differently. Get your tickets today!


Red Stains.jpg

Saying Goodbye

by Laurie A. Bell

It’s never easy to say goodbye.


by John Grey

A lonely man fantasises an entire romantic life with a young woman he sees at the bus stop. Could she really be the girl of his dreams?

BackToYou - Screenshot.png

Love, Where Are You?

by Tom J. McCoy

Love, Where Are You? is a short story about the meaning of love, where it begins, were it ends, and the endless search to find it.

Big Red Friday

by Jay Dobyns & Scot Litteer

Based on true events, an undercover lawman on the verge of retirement reflects on his career.

TheCall - Screenshot.jpg


by Yana Martsynkevych

A young woman is haunted by a life changing decision, while her personal freedom clashes with family expectations. 

Sonnet 134

by Eddie Shieh

A visual twist to Shakespeare's tragic triangle between a mother, a mother-in-waiting and a baby boy.

Sunflowers - Poster.jpg


by Quek Shio Chuan

A young girl will do anything to pursue her dreams of becoming a big-time celebrity makeup artist. It seems, however, that life has a different plan in store for her. 

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