12/6 - 3PM - The Pursuit of Happiness

approx. 75mins

These five amazing short films present a fun and heart-warming experience, tackling life's issues with goodwill and lots of heart and soul! Get your tickets today!


Red Stains.jpg

Hop Scotch and the Funk Dumpling

by Khadif “Kadeef” Sanders

A lonely privileged kid and a street hustlin' hobo discover the value of friendship through their shared love of break dancing.

BackToYou - Screenshot.png

Have a Nice Flight

by Keenan Murray

An aging airport security guard must teach an obnoxious new guard the latest in airport security techniques, anal scans. 

Total Awesome Viking Power

by Morten Forland

A banished Viking role player seeks the help of the god Odin in order to unleash his inner viking and learn how to go completely berserk.

TheCall - Screenshot.jpg

This is Sinterklaas

by Tanner Beard

How did Santa Claus come to be? 'This is Sinterklaas', unfolds the truth of the first night before Christmas and the origin of Old Saint Nick.

The Elevator

by Margriet Privee

When Paul and Eva are stuck together in an elevator, they find out that they are both on their way up to jump off. But who can go first?

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