12/5 - 5PM - Short & Suspenseful

approx. 75mins

Suspense is a rare thing to find in films. Even rarer when you're able to see elements of suspense played out in short films! This block of shorts takes you through historical fiction, real-world issues of police corruption, and some bizarre sci-fi. Enjoy this new and unique playlist of some amazing short films!


JinxyJenkins Screenshoot2.jpg


by Khadif “Kadeef” Sanders

A racially profiled man must decide whether or not to save the life of the racist that profiled him when his store is robbed.

Jacob Stone

by Roya Aryanpad

High school basketball player Jacob Stone is a rising star, but suddenly a news from his complicated past threatens to change his future.

BackToYou - Screenshot.png


by Tanner Morrison

After the Temecula Valley Massacre of 1847, two brothers cross paths with Luiseño survivors as they flee for safety from the Mexican Army.


by Adam Nelson

Based on the true story of Adrian Schoolcraft, a young NYPD beat cop secretly records audio files that expose a culture of corruption within his precinct.

TheCall - Screenshot.jpg

Dog Bowl

by Gordy Hoffman

A heartbroken girl spiraling through her life stumbles upon the true nature of her existence after stealing the vest off of a service dog.

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