12/2 - 9PM - Comedy Shorts

If you missed online ticket sales, there will still be tickets available at the door!

approx. 78 mins.

These nine amazing short films present a fun and heart-warming experience, tackling life's issues with goodwill and lots of heart and soul! Get your tickets today!


The Shark Pool

by Adolpho Navarro

A man is tricked into a deadly poker game with the worlds most dangerous super villains.

Notorious Corn

by Mallory Grolleau

It's the story of a small grain of corn that dreamed about glory. He's going to succeed ... Unfortunately ... 


by Alejandro Montoya

Get ready to expeirence the worst Monday ever.


by Sam Shaib

A British electrician working in Los Angeles, questions his sobriety after he thinks he saw his best friend commit a crime.

Directors on Directing

by Damien Patrik

Pompous film directors, dancing nuns, nudity and gore. Who could ask for anything more? 3 successful film makers explain the REAL secrets to success.

Un Quarto alle Otto

by Gianluca Zonta

Marco is meticulously preparing for a romantic dinner with Jessica. Fifteen minutes before his appointment falls in the home Debora that will upset his plans.

Faust II

by Jamie Rivera

A struggling writer contemplates suicide before he comes face to face with the Devil, who offers him an interesting proposal.

Death Count

by Alexandre Fournier

Unexpected, a stranger marches toward the town of Lame Deer. He is greeted by the mayor and manager of a local legend, Jaimey Burnett, fastest shot in all Montana. A duel is set to take place, but the stranger is not at the end of his troubles


María Fernanda in Time

by Xavier Pijuan

An overprotective mother produces an accident with terrible consequences in the space-time continuum in the scientific laboratory where his son works.