12/4 - 1PM - International Shorts

approx. 71 mins.

These seven short films from around the world explore fascinating perspectives on life, morality and our place in the world. Check out these short films and expand your horizons! 



by Yotam Knispel

While the wheels of her bag are spinning on the ancient pavement of the small Sicilian town she once lived in, Violetta is in search for a specific man. When she'll find him, things won't go as she expected. But that wouldn't stop her from getting what she wants at any cost.

Balancing Act

by Benjamin Tomoff

Balancing Act is an one shot short movie. A father are saving, in the last second, the life of his son. The film shows us how fast we can unlearn the death of an important person.

Broken Image

by Gokul Krishnan

When in front of a tragedy, would you rather film it or prevent the tragedy from happening? There is a thin fine line that separates basic humanity and a material value for certain people. This line is blurred and unclear to many. A photographer is placed in a moral choice between stopping a tragedy or rather shooting it, at those certain moments certain moral values seem to become blurred when in need for a material raises as a greater priority.

Screenshot not provided by filmmaker..

Screenshot not provided by filmmaker..


by Ehsan Mollazadeh

A fantasy world about modernity of future; where the life is too fast for us to be able to think about our life! People just can be a part of the modernity flood. In this world, somebody faces some signs, which makes him think about his past…


by Lubna Bagsai

Haya and Hassan find themselves in a compromising police investigation. They are given an ultimatum: either get married or face a jail sentence for indecency. 

The Forest Paper

by Sipparpad Krongraksa

In the world that is made of paper, everyone tends to focus on technologies and forgets to care about mother-nature.

Dark Machine

by Sander van Dijk

A mysterious phone call gets a lonesome photographer involved with a seductive woman and her enigmatic husband.

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